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About K and J Supplies

About us

K&J Supplies Consumer Electronics has been in operation since 2015, continually growing in prominence and esteem. Not to be beaten on quality or price, we pride ourselves on our exceptional, trusted operations. We purchase and distribute consumer electronics in a personable, efficient and seamless manner. Continuously supplying high-quality, popular, premium products, our commitment to deliver the best possible price with expediated delivery is not to be beaten. We provide exceptional end to end logistics solutions and are experts in stock procurement. K&J Supplies Consumer Electronics buy and sell only brand new, original product to fulfil all your consumer electronics needs.

Our story

Deepesh Dhanjee

Deepesh Dhanjee

Founder and Director

Mr. Dhanjee grew up in The Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. It was here that he began to develop a hunger and curiosity for the business and operations of the consumer electronics industry. Mr. Dhanjee found himself addictively passionate about and fascinated with product procurement, execution and sales. This fast-paced sector requires a mind attuned to global market trends and demands, a level head, a keen eye for the economic markets, a passion for relationship building and charisma. All of which Mr. Dhanjee has in spades. Learning the tricks of the trade in his family’s hardware and building supply materials business left Deepesh eager to make his way in the world and build his own empire. After completing his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of surgery from the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand for which he was granted a full scholarship, Mr. Dhanjee made his way to Australia.

In 2015 Deepesh Javahar Dhanjee founded and established K&J Supplies. Now K&J Supplies encompasses 3 distinct branches. K&J Supplies Furniture operates out of Melbourne Australia and provides complete home and office solutions for medium to large scale B2B projects. K&J Supplies Seychelles continues to grow and expand their building supplies, hardware and furnisher distribution networks.

K&J Supplies Consumer Electronics is consistently focused on relationship building and establishing and neutering new pathways and partnerships. Mr. Dhanjee insists on exceptional quality control measures and the highest possible professional standards. His strengths encompass identifying consumer trends, analysing market dynamics and identifying growth potential. Deepesh is solely responsible for the strategic direction of the business.

What we do

We source and sell brand new consumer electronics at the best possible prices to pass our savings onto the consumer. We fulfil large quantity orders and we are also able to execute diverse and varied stock requirements of various quantities.

K&J Supplies Consumer Electronics has a keen eye for global trends and endeavours to stay ahead of the pack in securing the latest and greatest products. We aim to connect our network in the most time efficient and hassle-free manner to seamlessly integrate with your business needs.

K and J Supplies: What we do

Products we deal with

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Macbook Pros

Air Pods

Apple Watches

Android Watches

Android Tablets

Android Phones

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